Founding President Prof. Dr. Ming-kai Chin, visits universities in China and Singapore to promote the linkage of physical education and health to UNSDG 17

The aim of these visits were to build linkage of physical education and health to UN Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDG 17), especially on health and wellness and quality education, Prof. Dr. Ming-kai Chin, Founding President of BRICSCESS, conducted a lecture tour in May 10-29, 2018 at Nanning Normal University; GuangXi Normal University; Soochow University and Huzhou University. Discussions were concentrated on building partnership with universities and school to implement the UN SDG Lab. Prof. Chin also used this opportunity to promote BRICSCESS 2019, SASMA 2019 and the 1st World Congress of Future Leaders/Volunteers (WCFLV 2019) to be held in Cape Town, South Africa, from the 10-13 Oct 2019. He encouraged all graduate students of these universities to submit oral and poster papers and presentations to the conference.

With more than 10 years of co-operation and partnership with the previous model school, North Vista Primary School and National Institute of Education (NIE) in PE and health, Prof. Chin spent two days to visit Principal Kia Wang Phua and Assoc.Prof. Dr. Govindasamy Bala at Fu Hua Primary School. The objective of this visit was to explore the implementation of UNSDG Lab School concept in Singapore. He presented this concept to 100 general teachers in Fu Hua Primary School in one session and PE teachers of the school and Pre-Service school PE students from NIE in another session. The whole teaching staff was very enthusiastic about this possible collaboration to enhance teaching and learning of active living for the children by using this interdisciplinary and holistic approach.

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BRICSCESS organising committee 2019 visit to Century City Conference Venue and Hotel, Cape Town 12-14 June 2018.

Members from the Organising Committee and WCFLV of BRICSCESS 2019 spend a few days in Cape Town visiting the conference venue for the upcoming BRICSCESS conference which will be held from 10-13 October 2019. The aim of this visit was to inspect the venue, meet with Londocor Event Management and the management team of the conference venue to finalise all aspects relating to the conference. The conference will be held in partnership with the South African Sport Medicine Association (SASMA), of which Dr Piere Viviers, President of the association also attended. During the site visit the final date for the 1st WCFLV 2019 were also confirmed, and it will take place on the 10th of October 2019. The venue is exceptional and the BRICSCESS 2019 and the 1st WCFLV 2019 will be an event not to be missed!

On Tuesday 12 June, Prof. Chin presented an invited lecture at the Department of Sport, Recreation and Exercise Department at the University of the Western Cape. The Head of the Department, Dr Marié Young who is also part of the local organising committee, welcomed Prof. Chin who provided more information about BRICSCESS and the upcoming conference to the Department. On 14 June 2018, the Western Cape Department of Cultural Affairs and Sport (DCAS) hosted Prof Ming-Kai Chin, Prof Hans de Ridder and Prof Dané Coetzee at the DCAS Head Office in Cape Town. Prof. Chin, Hans and Dané had the opportunity to meet with the Mrs. Anroux Marais, Western Cape Minister of Culture Affairs and Sport (DCAS) and Dr. Lyndon Bouah, Chief Director of Sport and Recreation, as arranged by Dr. Marié Young, Head of Department of Sport, Recreation and Exercise Department at the University of the Western Cape. Afterwards both Prof. Chin and Prof de Ridder presented a lecture to the DCAS staff members. During the session Prof. Chin inspired the DCAS staff members to start using holistic approaches in education with the emphasis on health, wellness and fun. This lecture was ended with DCAS staff members participation in a brain break, demonstrated the value of an active lifestyle.

OC meeting with Londocor Event Management team, SASMA’s organizing committee and the Century City Conference Management team Prof. Hans de Ridder, Mrs. Anroux Marais, Prof. Ming-kai Chin, Dr. Lyndon Bouah and Prof Dané Coetzee
Prof. Hans de Ridder promoting BRICSCESS 2019 & 1st WCFLV 2019 at DCAS Prof. Chin inspiring DCAS staff members to invest in holistic wellness
Prof. Ming-kai Chin inspiring DCAS staff members to invest in holistic wellness

Prof. Chin’s visit to Cape Town where ended off by visiting two of the local pre-primary schools as arranged by Dr. Young and Dr. Bouah, where the Brain Breaks were presented to learners. All of the children enjoyed the Brain Breaks immensely and the happiness was evident on their faces.

BRICSCESS Founding member, Prof. Dr. Ricardo Ricci Uvinha at the 15th World Leisure Congress, Sao Paulo, Brazil 2018.

The 15th World Leisure Congress was held in Sao Paulo Brazil and addressed the theme of the main barriers – physical, socioeconomic and symbolic – that still exist and constrain the access of people to Leisure, and discussed ways to overcome these obstacles. This debate may contribute to resizing the question of Leisure as a right in contemporary society in its diverse perspectives, expanding the understanding of Leisure as a time for personal re-signification as well as for social and community development. Plenary sessions, lectures, workshops, debates and presentations aimed to identify, discuss and propose ways to overcome these obstacles. Prof. Dr. Ricardo Ricci Uvinha was the chairman of the Scientific Commission and responsible to lead several sessions at the event, including launching a new book under his editorship entitled "Leisure in Brazil: research groups and thematic associations"

The event was promoted by Social Service of Commerce in partnership with the World Leisure Organization WLO with the support of the School of Arts, Sciences and Humanities of the University of São Paulo, as well as other supporters. This provided an opportunity for integration and exchange of successful experiences in the field of Leisure among people and institutions of diverse nationalities. Dr Marie Young from the Sport, Recreation and Exercise Department, University of the Western Cape, South Africa also attended this event. She is a member of the local conference organising committee of the BRICSCESS 2019, which will be held in Cape Town.

In addition to the scientific program, participants had the opportunity to learn more about Brazilian culture by means of a special programming with artistic presentations, study tours in Leisure social projects and city tours. The conference brought 1000 delegates from 37 countries.


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