BRICSCESS Founding member, Prof. Dr. Ricardo Ricci Uvinha at the 15th World Leisure Congress, Sao Paulo, Brazil 2018.

The 15th World Leisure Congress was held in Sao Paulo Brazil and addressed the theme of the main barriers – physical, socioeconomic and symbolic – that still exist and constrain the access of people to Leisure, and discussed ways to overcome these obstacles. This debate may contribute to resizing the question of Leisure as a right in contemporary society in its diverse perspectives, expanding the understanding of Leisure as a time for personal re-signification as well as for social and community development. Plenary sessions, lectures, workshops, debates and presentations aimed to identify, discuss and propose ways to overcome these obstacles. Prof. Dr. Ricardo Ricci Uvinha was the chairman of the Scientific Commission and responsible to lead several sessions at the event, including launching a new book under his editorship entitled "Leisure in Brazil: research groups and thematic associations"

The event was promoted by Social Service of Commerce in partnership with the World Leisure Organization WLO with the support of the School of Arts, Sciences and Humanities of the University of São Paulo, as well as other supporters. This provided an opportunity for integration and exchange of successful experiences in the field of Leisure among people and institutions of diverse nationalities. Dr Marie Young from the Sport, Recreation and Exercise Department, University of the Western Cape, South Africa also attended this event. She is a member of the local conference organising committee of the BRICSCESS 2019, which will be held in Cape Town.

In addition to the scientific program, participants had the opportunity to learn more about Brazilian culture by means of a special programming with artistic presentations, study tours in Leisure social projects and city tours. The conference brought 1000 delegates from 37 countries.



Prof. Dr. Cinthia Lopes da Silva obtains funding to develop software to create comic books in Physical Education classes

Prof. Dr. Cinthia Lopes da Silva (Methodist University of Piracicaba)/UNIMEP/Brazil obtained funding from the São Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP) for a research project to develop software for creating comic books in Physical Education classes.

The title of the project is “Leisure, education and technology: creating comic books in Physical Education classes in Junior High School”, FAPESP 2017/13279-4 process. The project will take two and a half years to complete (2018-2020).

The research involves the participation of 10 members, 7 with PhD degree (one specialist in the computer area) and 3 masters/school teachers. Prof. Dr.  Ricardo Ricci Uvinha (Vice President/BRICSCESS/Brazil) will be a future collaborator for this project in a scientific event.

The proposal is based on studies of Leisure, Communication and Physical Education. The research involves two pedagogical experiments: in the first the students will create comic books with paper (pieces of magazines pages); in the second they will use the software. The experiments will involve practicing of physical activities and their registrations in the form of comic books. We hope the main contribution of the project will be for students to use the software as a means for developing knowledge in an effective way, as well as to make them more interested in physical and leisure activities.

The Inaugural BRICS Conference of Exercise and Sports Science (BRICSCESS 2017)

The Inaugural BRICS Conference of Exercise and Sports Science (BRICSCESS 2017) was held in Santos, Brazil, from 29 Nov-2 Dec 2017. It was promoted by the BRICSCESS, organized by the Federal University of Sao Paulo (UNIFESP) and University of Sao Paulo (USP) with the sponsorship of the Brazilian Federal Agency for Post-graduate Education (CAPES) and the National Council for Scientific and Technological Development (CNPq). The theme of the conference was Sports Mega Events and Health Promotion: Policies and Legacies in Exercise and Sports Science. The scientific program was concentrated on enhancing health and wellness, sports, physical activity and sports mega events to achieve healthy active living through interdisciplinary, scientific and holistic approach in exercise science and sport. There were 4 keynotes, 18 invited speakers, and 6 workshops and 15 Future Leaders/Volunteers (FLV). In two and half days, the conference brought about 200 attendances from 31 countries, where were presented 41 oral papers and 44 poster presentations. This historical Conference brought together practitioners, researchers and educators from the BRICS region and around the world who are engaged in sports sciences in any capacity.

Pre Conference activities Invited by Federal University of Sao Paulo, Prof. Dr. Ming-Kai Chin, Founding President of BRICSCESS and Prof. Dr. Hans de Ridder, Founding Vice-President and Secretary-General delivered a lectures for graduate and undergraduate Brazilian students. Prof. Chin and Prof. de Ridder received a warm welcome from Prof. Dr. Odair Aguiar, Vice-Director of Campus Baixada Santista, Prof. Dr. Nara Oliveira, Head of Human Movement Department, Co-Chair of BRICSCESS 2017, and Prof. Dr. Ricardo Uvinha, Chairman of BRICSCESS 2017. Prof. Chin also visited a public primary school in Santos, where he conducted a Brain Breaks demonstrations for children and teachers.

BRICSCESS Founding President, Prof. Dr. Ming-kai Chin Served as Keynote Speaker at The 4th International Congress on Disability, Argentina

Prof. Dr. Ming-kai Chin, Founding President of BRICSCESS was invited by Jose Lorenzo, President of the Provincial Institute for the Inclusion of People with Disabilities (IPRODICH) as one of the keynote speakers at The 4th International Congress on Disability at Resistance, Chaco, Argentina from 13-15 Sept, 2017. About 4,000 participants from all over Argentina and Latin America joined this event with the official opening presided by Gabriela Michetti, Vice President of Argentina and Domingo Peppo, Governor of State of Chaco. Prof. Chin also conducted a Brain Breaks Workshop for over 200 PE teachers and demonstrations for children of two primary schools. During the Congress, fruitful discussions on the possible co-operation with IPRODICH, BRICSCESS and The Foundation of Global Community Health (GCH) to implement the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDG 17) were conducted. Administrators and scholars have showed interest to participate the coming Inaugural BRICS Conference of Exercise and Sports Science (BRICSCESS 2017) in Nov 29-Dec 2, 2017 at Santos, Brazil. Prof. Chin also had a meeting with Veronica Torrent, Founder, The Foundation of Corriente por Los Ninos to discuss the possible establishment of the Ist Model Primary School in Argentina to promote holistic health for children with The Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child (WSCC) concept in line of the Coordinated School Health (CSH) approach. During the discussion, Prof. Chin had an interview in Torrent TV Education Program which reached over one million viewers in Corrientes Capital.

Board of Directors (BoD) of BRICSCESS Assoc. Prof. Dr. Maria Abulkhanova Initiated the Co-operation of BRICSCESS, GCH and HOPSports with Institution Federal Center for Organizational and Methodological Support of Physical Education at MIEF 2017 in Moscow, Russia

With the initiation of BoD Assoc. Prof. Dr. Maria Abulkhanova, BRICSCESS, The Foundation For Community Health (GCH) and HOPSports and the Institution Federal Center for Organizational and Methodological Support of Physical Education agreed a strategic partnership at the Moscow International Education Fair (MIEF) ( supported by UNESCO in Moscow, Russia, 12-15 April 2017.

The agreement was finalized at the conference “New Opportunities for Physical Education and Sport in the Education System” with HOPSports supported by BRICSCESS and GCH, which took place within the framework of MIEF.

Head of Postgraduate Department of Moscow State Academy of Physical Education, Prof. Dr. Elena Skarzhinskaya shared the projects conducted by BRICSCESS, GCH, and HOPSports. The participants of the conference who represented 53 regions of Russia expressed their desire to participate in the projects.

The partnership will see the development of a series of joint initiatives targeted towards improvement and development of the international system of physical education based on promoting healthy lifestyles among schoolchildren.

Founding President Prof. Dr. Ming-kai Chin conducted lectures and demonstrations in China to promote Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child (WSCC) model
To promote and implement the concept of Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child (WSCC) model with a holistic approach, Prof. Dr. Ming-kai Chin, Founding President of BRICSCESS, conducted a lecture tour in May-June 2017 at Henan University; Henan Institute of Technology and School of Physical Education at Liaocheng University in Shandong. Besides interaction with the Deans of the Schools and Faculty members for international co-operation with BRICSCESS, Prof. Chin also met the principals and teachers of model schools to discuss the implementations of brain breaks and interdisciplinary approach to promote health and wellness of children with demonstrations in the class room with the children of different grades. Planning of establishing model schools and conducting research projects under Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ke Zhou in Henan University is now well underway after the visit.

BRICSCESS Founding President Prof. Dr. Ming-kai Chin was invited as keynote speaker at 8th Asia-Pacific Conference on Exercise and Sports Science (APCESS 2017) and the 7th International Conference on Sport and Exercise Science (ICSES 2017), Thailand
Prof. Dr. Ming-kai Chin, Founding President of BRICSCESS served as Adviser and keynote speaker at 8th Asia-Pacific Conference on Exercise and Sports Science (APCESS 2017) and the 7th International Conference on Sport and Exercise Science (ICSES 2017), hosted by Faculty of Sports Science, Kasetsart University, Bangkok, Thailand on June 14-16, 2017. The conference theme is identified as “Innovation and Healthy Living for Sustainability” with 19 internationally renowned speakers including BoD of BRICSCESS Prof. Dr. GL Khanna, Prof. Dr. Gurmeet, Singh, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Shihui Chen and Teressa Siu and were attended by over 200 delegates of more than 20 countries. APCESS 2017 is the ideal platform for scholars, researchers and university affiliations to interact, examine, and steer future trajectory with collaborative efforts between the Asia Pacific region and the international community such as BRICSCESS to create a global health network.

Professor Cinthia Lopes da Silva, new member of BRICSCESS Board of Directors
Professor Cinthia Lopes da Silva, of the Human Movement Science Graduate Program (UNIMEP), was nominated to the board of directors of BRICS Council of Exercise and Sports Science (BRICSCESS). Some of the activities she will be carrying out internationally are “developing partnerships with the other researchers on scientific papers, providing subsidies in terms of research to studies and investigations linked to BRICS. In addition to that, she will be helping to spread information of any related events and actions of the organization”. Among them are the future partnerships with researchers from Brazil and overseas for the participation in research projects, production of scientific papers and books, academic visits; and participation in events related to the organization of Research Project on Leisure, Body Practices and Culture (GELC), which is coordinated by Cinthia. “In addition to that, there are other actions in an international level which are in accordance with the academic policies of Unimep such as the construction of citizenship, moral values and habits which can improve the quality of life of the population considering the practice of physical activities and sports.

Founding Vice- President of BRICSCESS, Dr Ricardo Uvinha, visits the University of Bath, England.

Dr Ricardo Uviha visited the Department of Health, at the University of Bath, where he delivered a seminar about multidisciplinary approach to research in areas of physical activity/inactivity, sport legacies, health and inequalities in Brazil. He was invited by Dr. Simone Fullaga. During his visit he promoted the forthcoming BRICSCESS conference in Santos, Brazil which will take place from . He also had the opportunity to visit Stonehenge, one of the wonders of the world and the best-known prehistoric monument in Europe.

Miranda Chin Dance Company’s Dance Performance “Dancing with the World” Opening Ceremony Officiated by Ambassadors of BRICS in Hong Kong-China

Dr. Miranda Chin, the invited workshop presenter at the BRICSCESS 2017, is the Artistic Director of Miranda Chin Dance Company and the Founder and Principal of Danceland School in Hong Kong-China. Since 2001, she has created a series of contemporary Chinese cultural dance "Martial Arts & " which embodied Chinese philosophy, martial arts and the harmony with nature. On March 26, 2017, in conjunction of starting the World Tour and the celebration of 35 anniversary of Danceland School, The Miranda Chin Dance Company staged a dance performance entitled “Dancing with the World” at the Hong Kong Cultural Center. Besides the performance, the participants were invited to be part of the celebration with two Brain Breaks-Tai Chi Dance and Animal Dance which were developed by Dr. Miranda Chin, which have been demonstrated to children in more than 50 countries. The opening ceremony of “Dance with the World” was officiated by the ambassadors of Brazil, Russia, China and South Africa from BRICS and also by ambassadors from 20 countries in Hong Kong-China.



Executive Board member of BRICSCESS Ms.Teressa Siu was awarded the 50 Outstanding Women in Health Care at the 2016 World Health and Wellness Congress in Mumbai, India.

Executive Board Member Ms Teressa Siu was awarded the 50 Outstanding Women in Health Care at the 2016 World Health and Wellness Congress in Mumbai, India. This accolade was given to women pioneers in their niche areas of service for their special contributions. Prof Siu stood out as a media representative and international wellness speaker and was recognized for her unique dual roles as media health advocate and practicing wellness educator. The event was the first ever for India and attracted hundreds of participants and awardees from around the world. Prof Siu was invited speaker and moderator for two panel discussions. She also gave an impromptu speech on her journey as media health advocate and was given a special honour by the event organizers for attending and speaking at the World Health and Wellness Congress.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Shihui Chen, member of the Board of Directors for BRICSCESS, has recently been appointed as the Head of Kinesiology Department at Texas A&M University, Texarkana, USA

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Shihui Chen, has recently been appointed as the head of Kinesiology Department at Texas A&M University Texarkana, USA. Dr. Chen has served as the Secretary General for the Asian Council of Exercise and Sports Science (ACESS) for many years, and has been recognized by the ACESS Board Committee for his excellent services and contributions to the ACESS organization in 2014. Texas A&M University, Texarkana is a comprehensive regional residential institution dedicated to offering career-oriented studies, awarding undergraduate, graduate and doctoral degrees in the areas of business administration, arts and sciences, technology, engineering, mathematics and education. The Kinesiology Department at Texas A&M University, has introduced a newly established 4-year undergraduate program, namely Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology with two major fields; pre-therapy and EC-12 teacher preparation. The university recently started the construction for a brand new recreation/sports complex center, which should be completed be completed by the end of 2017. With this new position and challenge, Dr. Chen will continue to commit to the ACESS and BRICSCESS organizations, strive for cooperation between his university and BRICSCESS.

BRICSCESS Founding Secretary-General, Prof. Dr. Hans de Ridder a keynote speaker at the 2016 ISAK World Conference in Merida, Mexico.
Professor Hans de Ridder, founding Secretary-General of BRICSCESS, was one of the invited keynote speakers at the 2016 ISAK World Conference in Merida, Mexico. The title of his presentation was: "Modern Athletes: Are We Breeding Giants and what are the Health Consequences?" Approximately 700 people attended the keynote presentation. There were many questions after the keynote and Prof. De Ridder also had an interview with the Spanish newspaper "La Vanguardia". A half-page story on his presentation was published in the Sunday 20 November 2016 edition. Additional to his keynote, he also had to meet his commitments as member of ISAK's ExCo. As ISAK's Immediate Past President he had various management duties to perform during the ExCO meeting that stretched over two days. He also played a prominent role during the Biennial General Meeting which took place on the 31st of October 2016. He was also an external examiner at a day-long re-accreditation exam of ISAK accredited level 3 anthropometrist that took place before the conference. A day before the conference was also set aside to do corrections to the contents of the official ISAK handbook of which he is one of the co-authors. This handbook is used for training in more than 60 countries around the world. Prof De Ridder also took time of his busy schedule to visit the world famous Chichén Itzá which is an Archaeological site with excavated ruins of the large Maya city. It is situated on Mexico's Yucatán Peninsula. A massive step pyramid known as El Castillo dominates the 6.5-sq.-km. ancient city, which thrived from around 600 A.D. to the 1200s. Graphic stone carvings survive at structures like the ball court, Temple of the Warriors and the Wall of the Skulls.

BRICSCESS Founding President, Prof. Dr. Ming-kai Chin keynote speaker at the 2016 International Conference on Sport Pedagogy, Health and Wellness, Philippines.

Prof. Dr. Ming-kai Chin, Founding President of BRICSCESS served as Adviser and opening keynote speaker at The 2016 International Conference on Sport Pedagogy, Health and Wellness (ICSPHW 2016) (16-18 Nov 2016), which was organized by the College of Human Kinetics, University of the Philippines- Diliman with the co-operation of ACESS and Sport Management Council of the Philippines. ICSPHW 2016 was the largest Physical Education and Sports Science Conference ever staged in the Republic of the Philippines with over 700 local and international delegates, including BRICSCESS Vice Presidents Prof. Dr. Hans de Ridder and Prof. Dr. G.L Khanna. Prof. Chin also visited a top primary school and introduced the children to brain breaks. This was done to encourage and motivate children that being physical active is not just important for health but can be fun too.

BRICSCESS Founding Vice President Prof. Dr. G L Khanna Conferred with the Dr B R Ambedkar National Award
Prof. Dr. G L Khanna, Dean of the Faculty of Applied Sciences at Manav Rachna International University, India and Vice President and Member Board of Directors of BRICS Council of Exercise and Sports Science was conferred with the Dr. B. R. Ambedkar National Award for 2016. This National Awards was instituted in the memory of Dr B R Ambedkar Law Minister and Founder of Constitution of India in the Year – 2013 to reward outstanding performers in various fields. These prestigious awards, identifies and honor professionals that are recognized for their vision, perfection and contribution to the nation while inspiring others to follow.

Prof. Dr. G L Khanna has been recognized as a prominent scientist in the field of sport science, by serving on many recognized platforms. These include being a member of the Commonwealth Steering committee representing the Government of India, Sports Authority of India, and he is currently the President of Asian Council of Exercise and Sports Science (ACESS). He has also provided sport scientific services to various national sport teams in India and is a member of the Governing Body Sports, Physical Education, Fitness and Leisure Skills Council (SPEFL-SC), an initiative that aims to promote skills development with the Government of India. He has published and contributed to several books and published several articles in International Academic Journals.

The Award was conferred to Prof Dr. G.L Khanna in the category of Sport Science on the 28th November 2016 during a Ceremony at Talkatora Stadium, New Delhi. The ceremony was chaired by Hon’ble Railways Minister Govt of India Mr. Suresh Prabhu.

Vice President of BRICSCESS, Prof. Elena Istyagina-Eliseeva, chaired a round table at the 6th “Russia – Country of Sports” International Forum held in Kovrov, Vladimir Oblast, 10-13 October, 2016

Prof. Elena Istyagina-Eliseeva, Vice President of BRICSCESS and Head of the State Museum of Sports, along with Vice Governor of the Vladimir Oblast, Mikhail Kolkov, chaired a round table at the 6th “Russia – Country of Sports” International Forum held in Kovrov, Vladimir Oblast, on October 10-13, 2016. The topic of the round table was: “Physical Education and Sports Traditions of Russia’s Peoples”. The State Museum of Sports also presented an exhibition on the same topic, which was visited by the then-Minister of Sports of the Russian Federation Vitaly Mutko (now the Deputy Prime Minister of Russia for Sports, Tourism and Youth policy). Prof. Istyagina-Eliseeva gave a speech focusing on the management of historical sport heritage in contemporary Russia. Her speech also provided some valuable information about her working experience within Russian regions.

Founding Vice- President of BRICSCESS delivering keynote speech at the International Congress on Sports and Recreation at the Universidad del Valle in Cali, Colombia

Dr Ricardo Uvinha performed a keynote speech on the International Congress on Sports and Recreation at the Universidad del Valle in Cali, Colombia. This conference was supported by the local government especially in light of the major challenges that Colombia is facing. One major challenge is to try and implement a peace deal between the Government and country’s leftist guerrilla groups, the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC). It is in light of this challenge that the field of Sport and Recreation is considered a fundamental vehicle in the drive to achieve peace in Colombia. During this speech Dr Uvinha also promoted the BRICSCESS Association and invited all Colombians to the forthcoming BRICSCESS 2017 Conference in Santos.

Founding President of BRICSCESS delivers keynote address at the 3rd Life through Movement International Conference (LTMIC 2016) in Pretoria, South Africa
Invited by Dr Gerda Joubert, Immediate Past President of Biokinetics Association of Southern Africa (BASA) and her Organizing Committee, Prof. Ming-kai Chin, Founding President of BRICSCESS, delivered his keynote address entitled “The Linkage of CDC Coordinated School Health Model and Best Practice in Physical Education: A Global Perspective” at the 3rd Life Through Movement International Conference (LTMIC 2016) in Pretoria, South Africa. LTMIC 2016 was hosted by Sport Science Department, University of Pretoria (6-8 Oct 2016). An interview on his keynote was conducted and was in press at the web link (

During the Conference, Prof. Chin discussed with the key people of BASA and Exercise is Medicine in South Africa about the future co-operation with BRICSCESS, especially on the possibility of hosting the BRICSCESS 2019 in South Africa with Prof. Hans de Ridder’s support from North West University. Prof. De Ridder, the Vice President and Secretary General, conducted a workshop on BRICSCESS and promote the BRICSCESS 2017 in Santos, Brazil (29 Nov-2 Dec 2017) and was very well received.

Human Movement Science Department from the University of Fort Hare, South Africa provide Anthropometric services to ERGOTECH (ERGOnomics TECHnologies)
The Human Movement Science Department was selected to provide anthropometric support services to ERGOTECH during an anthropometric survey to collect data that is representative of the South African National Defence Force (SANDF). ERGOTECH is a division within the Research and Development Department of Armscor SOC Ltd, who recently signed an MOU with the University of Fort Hare. Under the leadership of Prof Maya van Gent (Level 3 ISAK accredited anthropometrist) the survey took place at 8 South African Infantry Battalion in Upington between 12 and 16 September 2016. The measurements included 16 height and circumference measurements; 16 length and width measurements; 10 head measurements and circumferences and 19 whole body landmarks. Prof van Gent was supported by post graduate HMS students; all qualified as ISAK level 1 or 2 anthropometrists. They included Lizeka Miza, Siphesihle Dantile, Sive Mdutyana, Mandisi Nkopo; Vuyolwethu George and Kgoboko Kgoboko. A total of 190 participants were measured during the data collection week. This survey is conducted on an annual basis, and thus the HMS Department is hoping to continue the relationship with ERGOTECH.

Founding President of BRICSCESS speaks at University of Benja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Prof. Ming-kai Chin, Founding President of BRICSCESS, was invited as an invited speaker by the Organizing Committee of XI FIEP European Congress with the theme “Anthropological Aspects of Sport, Physical Education and Recreation”, hosted by Faculty of Physical Education and Sport, University of Banja Luka (14-18 Sept 2016). During the congress, Prof. Chin joined the meeting of the national delegates of FIEP-Europe chaired by Prof. Branislav Antala and visited Prof. Milan Mataruga, Rector of University of Banja Luka to introduce the mission and work of BRICSCESS. He also visited two primary schools and did Brain Breaks demonstrations to the Bosnian children.

Founding Vice-President of BRICSCESS at the Olympic Games 2016, Rio de Janeiro.
The Olympic Games Rio 2016 and Paralympic Games Rio 2016 was an event held for the first time in South America. It was held from 5-21 Aug 2016 (Olympics) and 7-18 Sep 2016 (Paralympics) in Rio de Janeiro. The scope of events in the Olympic Games, is a large scale production with substantial media and public impact. The emphasis on sport has seen the city of Rio experience several important events since 2007.

Dr Ricardo Uvinha made use of this opportunity to experience this unique event. Dr Ricardo also chaired the symposium titled “Leisure, Tourism and Sports as an Interdisciplinary approach of the Olympic Legacy” at the International Convention on Science, Education and Medicine in Sport (ICSEMIS 2016) from 31 August to the 4th September in São Paulo, Brazil. Prof Nara Rejane Oliveira (also a board member of BRICSCESS) was also part of this symposium.

Global Forum for Physical Education Pedagogy (GoFPEP) 2016, Hacettepe University, Ankara, Turkey 26-28 May 2016.
The Faculty of Sport Science, Department of Physical Education and Sport Teacher Education, at Hacettepe University hosted the 4th GoFPEP from the 26-28 May 2016.

The theme for this conference was “Technology, Networking and Best practices in Physical Education and Health: Local to Glabal” which allowed comprehensive discussions on the future direction of health and physical education.

The conference was attended by 74 invited delegates and 19 Future Leaders/Volunteers (FLV) from 80 universities and institutions of 49 countries. The event was endorsed by 151 universities, institutions and professional associations. BRICSCESS members were also among the invited delegates and included Profs. Ming Kai Chin, Hans de Ridder, Assoc. Profs. Ricardo Uvinha, Maria Abulkhanova, Nara Oliveira and Maya van Gent. Prof. Chin, our Founding President, is the Co-Founder of GoFPEP and the Chairman of the Organizing Committee of GoFPEP 2016. Prof. de Ridder was the President of GoFPEP 2014 in South Africa. All invited delegates had to prepare 15 min Power Point presentation illustrating best practices of physical activity and - education programs in their countries.

All presentation are available on the GoFPEP website and can be accessed on here.

The conference also included delegates to be assigned to groups and facilitate discussions around the conference theme. Delegates also visited laboratories in the Faculty of Sport Science at Hacettepe University and public schools to observe best practices of physical education and physical activity.

Founding President Prof. Dr. Ming-kai Chin visits China and Qatar

Prof. Dr. Ming-kai Chin, Founding President of BRICSCESS, conducted a lecture tour at East China Normal University, Suzhou University and Yangzhou University from 29 March to 10 April, 2016. Prof. Chin introduced BRICSCESS to the Deans and Faculty of these three universities to explore future co-operation. He also visited and conducted workshops in new direction of PE and Health in several primary schools in these three provinces in China.

Hosted by Dr. Ferman Konukman, Prof. Dr. Ming-kai Chin, Founding President of BRICSCESS, visited the Sport Sciences Program, College of Art & Sciences, Qatar University and gave a lecture on "Global Perspectives in New Direction of Physical Activity & Health: The Role and Application of Interactive Technology" to faculty and students on 18 May 2016. Invited by Dr. Fuad Al-Mudahka, Head of Children Health, Exercise is Medicine Department, ASPETAR Hospital, Prof. Chin also visited and interacted with their research team to explore the future co-operation in promoting health and wellness of children and community of Qatar, BRICSCESS and the global network.

The Herald of Sport History Journal
Prof Elena Istyagina-Eliseeva, Head of the State Museum of Sport in Moscow, Russia, and Vice-president of BRICSCESS, has invited all researchers from BRICS countries to submit papers for publishing in the Herald of Sports History (Vestnik Sportivnoy Istorii) peer-reviewed scientific journal. 

The Herald of Sports History is included in the Russian Science Citation Index (RSCI) system of the Russian scientific electronic library eLIBRARY.RU. The Russian scientific electronic library and Thomson Reuters recently also announced a partnership to incorporate the Russian Science Citation Index (RSCI) into the Web of Science service. Researchers in sport science from BRICS countries are encouraged to make use of this excellent opportunity to expand their research network to Russian and European audiences. Please Contact Dr.’ Sergey Armeyskov (E-mail: directly for any questions on the submissions of articles.

All papers will be translated into Russian and published both in English and Russian.


St Petersburg, Russia was the host city for the VII International Scientific Congress "Sport, People and Health, from 27th-29th October 2015.  The chief scientific direction of this conference was ““Sport for all: innovative projects and progressive practices in national systems of physical upbringing”.  This conference was hosted under the auspices of the Secretary General of the Council of Europe, the Commission of the Russian Federation for UNESCO, and presented by the Lesgaft National State University of Physical Culture, Sport and Health.  BRICSESS was very well represented at this conference, as several founding members and board members were invited speakers, presenters, plenary lecturers and chairpersons of session. There was also a visit to the Hermitage Museum. One of the largest and oldest museums in the world. Its collections, of which only a small part is on permanent display, comprise over three million items, including the largest collection of paintings in the world. 


The founding meeting was held at the 7th Asia Pacific Conference on Exercise and Sports Science (APCESS 2015) at Manav Rachna International University, India on the17 Oct 2015.  This was attended by Founding members and board of directors.  At this meeting the Dr. Ming-kai Chin was elected as the Founding President and Dr. Hans de Ridder is elected as the Vice President for Africa and the Secretary General/Treasurer with the HQ stationed at the North-West University in Potchefstroom, South Africa. The main aim of this meeting was to adopt the draft constitution of BRICSCESS.  Dr. Ricardo Uvinha (Brazil), one of the founding members, presented the plans to play host for the first BRICSCESS International conference to be held in Sao Paulo in 2017.  The day was concluded with a brief tour of New Delhi, visiting some monuments and temples. 

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