Executive Committee

Founding President

Prof. Dr. Ming-Kai CHIN
President/Founder,The Foundation For Global Community Health (GCH)
Co-Founder and Former President, Asian Council of Exercise & Sports Science (ACESS)
Co-Founder, GoFPEP
Vice President, Global Affairs & Research
HOPSports, Inc. USA
Hong Kong-China
Vice President, Secretary General & Treasurer

Prof. Dr. J. Hans de RIDDER
Former President, International Society for the Advancement of Kinanthropometry
Director, School of Biokinetics, Recreation and Sport Science
North-West University-Potchefstroom
South Africa
Vice President

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ricardo UVINHA
Vice Chair, World Leisure Organization
Leader-Interdisciplinary Group of Leisure Studies
Graduate Program in Physical Activity Sciences
University of Sao Paulo
Vice President

Prof. Dr. Gulshan KHANNA
President, Asian Council of Exercise
& Sports Science (ACESS)      
Vice President, National Association of Physical Education and Sports Sciences
Dean, Faculty of Applied Sciences
Manav Rachna International University
Vice President

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Maria ABULKHANOVA
Head, Physical Education and Special Training Department
The Russian Law Academy
Board of Directors:
Prof. Dr. Jianhui DAI
School of Physical Education and Sports Science
Soochow University
Assist. Prof. Dr. Cinthia DA SILVA
Methodist University of Piracicaba
Past President, Biokinetic Association of Southern Africa (BASA)
Private Practitioner – New Life Biokinetics
South Africa
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Maya VAN GENT
Assistant Secretary General, BICSCESS
Human Movement Science Department
University of Fort Hare
South Africa
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nara Rejane OLIVEIRA
Department of Human Movement Sciences
Federal University of Sao Paulo
Teressa SIU
Founder, LotusLifeTV
TV Host, Award-Winning Journalist & Raw Food Chef
Part-time Lecturer, Department of Media and Communication
Hong Kong City University
Hong Kong-China
Prof. Dr. Fang ZHAO
Department of Physical Education
Guangxi Normal University
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Elena SKARZINSKAJA
Manager of Master's degree program
Russian State University of Physical Culture, Sport, Youth and Tourism
Prof. Dr. Abel TORIOLA
Department of Sport, Rehabilitation and Dental Sciences
Tshwane University of Technology
South Africa
Prof. Dr. Gurmeet SINGH
Former Chairman and Director of Sports
Department of Physical Education
Panjab University- Chandigarh
Prof. Dr. Ke ZHOU
Director, Internatioal Exchange & Cooperation Center
School of Physical Education
Henan University
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